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  • Proactive IT Management

Catalyst IT – Your PROACTIVE Approach to IT Management

Managing your company’s technology is something you can’t take lightly! IT is no exception. Staying on top of the ever changing IT industry is more than one person can handle. That’s where we come in, Catalyst IT has been the technology business partner for small to mid-range businesses for the past thirty years. Knowing you have NOT one, but a team of certified technicians monitoring all the critical equipment and data in your business allows you the time to run your business. 

IT Management is the proactive approach to handling security, firewalls, servers, computers, data backup and more. Catalyst IT’s goal is not to fix problems when they happen, but to proactively manage your system to handle problems before you know there is one. Click on the icons below for more information on each of our offerings.

Technology Plays a Critical ROLE in business – that’s where we come in!


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CDK Global Security Breach Impacts Thousands of Dealerships

Late last evening, June 19th, CDK Global suffered their second system breach in two days. CDK Global is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides a full suite of software solutions for car dealership’s operations from [...]
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Catalyst IT Protects You

Catalyst IT offers:

Managed Service Desk, Managed Infrastructure, Managed IT Security,
Managed Backup & Recovery, & vCIO Consulting Services.

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