About Catalyst IT

Catalyst IT has been providing IT support for over thirty years to small and mid-size businesses in the region. How the company does business has changed a bit, but our commitment to ensuring our partner’s technology is working properly has not.

Years ago, the technology wasn’t available to instantly inform Catalyst IT how a businesses system was operating. Catalyst relied on the customer to contact them and explain what problems they were experiencing. Sometimes we could walk a customer through fixing the problem, but many times a service technician was dispatched. This was not a good scenario, because many times the business came to a screeching halt. Costing money!

Century Business Products, an office equipment company, was looking to expand it’s offerings to include IT. That’s when they approached the owners of Catalyst IT and found it would be a perfect fit. Catalyst IT became part of Century’s family in 2017 and the vision of many Catalyst IT team members to migrate from a break-fix company to one that proactively monitored and fixed problems prior to anybody’s knowledge was born. 

Catalyst IT provides the technology and support that companies need to compete in today’s environment. We support your staff with cost-effective solutions as you need them. All our services are designed to reduce costs and ensure your company has the right technology available for your company to be successful now and into the future.

The transition has been and exciting one and allowed the expansion of our services to a much broader area. Check out the area we serve on our CONTACT us page. Catalyst IT covers a wide area geographically, but as you know technology doesn’t limit us to just this region.



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