vCIO Consulting Services

The key differentiation between a traditional IT Service Provider and Catalyst’s Managed IT Service is our vCIO Services. Along with ensuring that your technology is working smoothly and without worry, we are your trusted technology advisor. 

Navigating through the ever-changing technology can be exhausting, without the proper knowledge or experience it can be expensive and catastrophic. The Catalyst IT team with their vast knowledge on the latest technology is your partner helping to guide you on the best course of action so your business operates smoothly now and into the future. 

Strategic vCIO Consulting Services allows Catalyst IT to provide critical strategic advice and guidance for your business in this ever-changing technological environment. Consulting with our business partners is key to providing a plan that will keep your technology up to date as your organization grows.

Information about Catalyst IT vCIO services, contact us at: 877-843-9611 or


According to Gartner (April 2020)-To retain staff in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic response organizations should expect that 75% of their staff will ask to expand their remote work hours by 35%.