Managed Backup & Recovery

When it comes to backup and disaster recovery businesses often think it’s from big natural disasters like floods or fires, but it’s device failure, viruses, malicious attacks, volume and directory glitches, transfer corruption, and human error that are the culprits leading to devastating business losses. Your business information is the only thing that can’t easily be recovered when lost. Computers, servers & networking equipment all can easily be replaced, but losing critical business information (financial records, customer information, etc.) can be catastrophic to an organization.

Catalyst IT believes your data is the most critical component of your organization, that’s why we’re utilizing the 3-2-1 backup rule: 3 copies of your data, 2 copies on different media sources to include 1 offsite location. All of our partner’s data is encrypted and stored offsite in our secure data center facility. 

Your data is safe, secure, and available whenever it is needed with Catalyst IT!
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According to Gartner’s predictions: 99 percent of vulnerabilities exploited by 2020 will continue to be the ones that security and IT professionals have known about for at least one year. This extends beyond just databases!