Managed IT Security

Cyber Security is a concern that all businesses need to be aware of, especially in this age of Cyber attacks!

Put it in the back of your head, “You’re Vulnerable!”

Cyber Security may be thought of something that is a concern for corporations, not something a smaller company should care about. However, in an age where businesses are increasingly dependent upon technology, IT Security is something that all businesses need to have as part of their technology practice.

IT Security is at the center of our Managed Services offering; It’s the most critical aspect of our offering and is at the heart of all of our designs and decisions. Catalyst IT is here to ensure that you have the latest security technologies providing for more up-time.

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 According to an October 2019 Datto Report-The average cost of that downtime due to Cyber Attacks on small to medium business is $141,000, more than 200 percent increase over last year’s average. The report uncovered that the cost of downtime is now 23 times greater than the average ransom request of $5,900.