Catalyst IT Director Presents at 2024 Kick-Off Meeting

All Sales Kickoff Meeting

In an industry that is evolving by the day, IT businesses must routinely educate employees on changes in technology. On Tuesday, IT Director Chris Olson presented to our entire team of Solutions Analysts at our 2024 Kick-Off Meeting.  
Chris outlined the history of Catalyst IT, what services Catalyst provides, where Catalyst fits in the IT world, what’s new and what’s changing in IT, and answered many great questions throughout the presentation from our Solutions Analysts to help them better understand what Catalyst IT can do for their customers. 
By continuing to educate our entire staff, from Service Technicians to Solutions Analysts, we will provide a more efficient and collaborative service for you in 2024 and beyond.

All Sales Kickoff Meeting 2

Brief History of Catalyst IT 

Catalyst IT has been providing IT support for over twenty years to small and mid-size businesses in the region. 
Years ago, the technology wasn’t available to instantly inform Catalyst IT how a business’s system was operating. Catalyst relied on the customer to contact them and explain what problems they were experiencing.  
Century Business Products, an office equipment company, was looking to expand its offerings to include IT. That’s when they approached the owners of Catalyst IT and found it would be a perfect fit. Catalyst IT became part of Century’s family in 2017 and the vision of many Catalyst IT team members to migrate from a break-fix company to one that proactively monitored and fixed problems prior to anybody’s knowledge was born.  
Catalyst IT provides the technology and support that companies need to compete in today’s environment. We support your staff with cost-effective solutions as you need them. All our services are designed to reduce costs and ensure your company has the right technology available for your company to be successful now and into the future. 

Services that Catalyst IT Provides 

Here are some key services that Catalyst IT does best: 
Managed Service Desk 
Catalyst IT Managed Service Desk gives you access to a team of professionals that are knowledgeable on all aspects of a business’s network. Our team of experienced technicians are available whenever you need. In addition to being there to respond when things stop working, our Service Desk team proactively monitors your system and works to resolve issues before it begins to impact your bottom line. 
Managed Infrastructure 
The Catalyst Team has years of experience designing, managing, maintaining networks, servers, and critical IT infrastructure. Our Managed Infrastructure Services ensures you have the most up-to-date technology providing for an environment that is operating smoothly and efficiently. 
Managed IT Security 
IT Security is at the center of our Managed Services offering; It’s the most critical aspect of our offering and is at the heart of all of our designs and decisions. Catalyst IT is here to ensure that you have the latest security technologies providing for more up-time. 
Managed Backup & Recovery 
Catalyst IT believes your data is the most critical component of your organization, that’s why we’re utilizing the 3-2-1 backup rule: 3 copies of your data, 2 copies on different media sources to include 1 offsite location. All of our partner’s data is encrypted and stored offsite in our secure data center facility. 
VCIO Consulting 
The key differentiation between a traditional IT Service Provider and Catalyst’s Managed IT Service is our vCIO Services. Along with ensuring that your technology is working smoothly and without worry, we are your trusted technology advisor. 

The Catalyst for Change 

Are you interested in hearing more about what we are offering in 2024? Reach out to hear from us directly on how Catalyst IT can benefit you. Click to connect with us today.