Catalyst IT Management Provides Peace of Mind

Catalyst IT Management Provides Peace of Mind | Catalyst IT

How can Catalyst IT Management bring you peace of mind? A companies’ network is critical for efficient operation of a business on a daily basis. As Catalyst IT brings new businesses on line, that is the one statement we hear from nearly all of them. Jim Dunham & Associates, a commercial real estate company in Sioux Falls can attest to the statement that IT management provides peace of mind.

Jim Dunham and Associates had different IT companies over the years, many providing services as break-fix with hourly rates or a slot of hours being charged in a months’ time. As their business was growing there was a feeling that the IT portion of the business couldn’t keep up. There were far more issues with their day-to-day operations, more calls for IT issues, their network was more sluggish and retrieving critical information was becoming more difficult. “Having to help with IT issues when they came up and trying to focus on what I do best in the commercial real estate business was really taxing. It was time for our companies IT to be handled by a team of professionals that deals with all aspects of a company’s network on a daily basis,” said Linda Dunham who is a Broker/Partner at Jim Dunham & Associates.

They contacted Catalyst IT and had discussions about IT Management, it was an intriguing concept, pay a monthly fee and everything is taken care of proactively with no need for us to have in-house support. Once we started working with Catalyst IT we realized their specialized team of IT professionals was going to be a major asset to our business’s continued growth.

Catalyst IT sets up new computers, manages our server, make sure our network is secure, provide back-up of our critical business systems, is the helpdesk for any problem with our company and a true consultant to the ever-changing technology in the IT world. They were instrumental on getting remote offices set-up this past year in a timely manner, it was a true relief that our business didn’t miss a beat. Their response time is impeccable if we do call for support, it’s nice to know Catalyst IT is watching our system 24/7/365. If there is a hint of a problem with our system, they handle it. Linda said, “Its really nice, at the end of the month we’ll get a report on items handled by their team. Now I’m able to focus on other aspects of our business and that’s the way it should be. They really have provided peace of mind for us when it comes to our companies IT!”

For more information on the services Catalyst IT provides contact us at 877-843-9611 or click here to send a request for information. Proactive IT Management, if it worked for Jim Dunham and associates, it will work for you too!