Mastering Cybersecurity: Comprehensive Insights from the Experts

Mastering Cybersecurity

Mastering cybersecurity and piecing together tips and tricks here and there on the internet can be difficult. Don’t know where to begin? Start here.

Catalyst IT Director, Chris Olson, joined industry experts in a round-table discussion on all things IT in an episode of Bits and Bytes: CEO Insights. The other experts in the discussion included: Greg Bibeau & David Reimherr of Terminal B and Mark Schilling of Schilling IT.

Topics discussed: Employee training and awareness, advanced antivirus vs EDR, incident response, data protection, staying informed, and much more!

Watch the entire, uninterrupted discussion here:

Experts from the discussion: 

Chris Olson, Catalyst IT

Mark Schilling, Schilling IT Managed Services, based out of Valparaiso, Indiana

Greg Bibeau, Terminal B, based out of Austin, Texas


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