Solarwinds Cybersecurity Attack

Catalyst IT Solutions | Solarwinds Cybersecurity Attack


Solarwinds, one of the most widely used tools for network monitoring on federal and corporate networks is in the news.

Reports have surfaced that there was a massive cybersecurity attack and this attack has large scale ramifications for many businesses and government entities. Due to the potential far-reaching seriousness of this issue, and the emergency directive from the US Government, we wanted to share with you how this security event impacts your business and the steps we have taken to ensure that your protected.

Catalyst IT doesn’t use any of Solarwinds products, nor does any of our solution providers utilize the software that has been identified by this attack. Catalyst IT is not at risk with the current solution sets we use, but out of caution we have taken additional steps to make sure your business is even more secure.

Catalyst IT is working closely with our solution partners to implement the following additional lines of protection

  • We have created additional flags to identify and subsequently quarantine any files associated with the compromise
  • We have added additional hash-signatures and indicators that will alert us to any evidence of compromise, additional threats, or evidence of lateral movement within our protected systems
  • There has been additional Indicators of Compromise (IoC’s) within our system to scan for, flag, and alert us to any compromise or threats related to this attack.

We will continue to monitor the situation and alert you to any indication of any risk or threats within your environment protected by our Advanced Endpoint Protection system.

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to know of additional ways Catalyst IT can help protect your business, please call us at 877-843-9611 or email